Kyle Tripp
President / Co-Founder

Kyle Tripp brings a wealth of experience, knowledge and skill to teeone. A strong working background with all Microsoft systems and software packages coupled with a degree in Business Administration keeps Kyle on the forefront of the Information Technology Industry and what it has to offer teeone clients. While serving as Senior Systems Manager with Paul Davis Restoration, Inc., as well as their International Liaison, Kyle developed a level of organizational and technological experience that is tough to match. When Kyle canít find a solution for a client - he creates one!

Eric Moeller
Chief Technology Officer / Co-Founder

Eric Moeller is degreed in Data Processing, certified by both Microsoft and Novell. His years of experience successfully designing networks and specialized information technologies have made him an asset throughout his career. His real strengths are implementing comprehensive business solutions for teeone clients. Calling on all of the tools available within the Industry, Eric routinely crafts real, workable solutions for business. On the cutting edge and rock solid, Eric keeps teeone at the front of the Information Technology Industry.

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