"...data itself has now become
the currency of the information
age on a global basis."

- Fred Moore, Computer Technology Review

Why RestoreCube

Corporate data is being generated at an exponential rate. The vast majority of this data is being created and stored outside the organization on mobile and telecommuting devices. Protecting this data, along with data stored inside the organization, on corporate servers and workstations is vital to the organizationís stability and survivability.

RestoreCube is the answer

RestoreCube is teeoneís online backup system, capable of backing up your mission-critical data as well as restoring it on demand. No need for tapes, expensive hardware or software.

Backing up servers, workstations and laptops

RestoreCube couldnít be easier to use. Install the standalone application on the network or laptop and you can begin backing up your data. Network administrators and users can:

  • Specify the data to be backed up
  • Specify the backup schedule
  • Restore data
  • After the first full backup, RestorPoint backs up only the changed blocks of a file. This process drastically reduces the amount of time needed to perform subsequent backups. It also provides the ability to restore a particular version of the file, instead of only the most recent copy.

    Cost Effective

    Installing and maintaining an on-site backup/restore solution can be a costly investment. Using RestoreCube, you can leverage our infrastructure and expertise to protect your corporationís vital data without the costly investment.


    RestoreCube is the simplest solution for protecting data stored on your servers, workstations and laptops. You donít need to install any extra hardware for RestoreCube. With RestoreCubeís single interface, you can backup and restore files on demand without the intervention of network administrators or the need to retrieve backup media from off-site storage locations.

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