"I think computer viruses should count
as life. I think it says something about
human nature that the only form of life we
have created so far is purely destructive.

We've created life in our own image."

- Stephen Hawking, English Physicist

Computer viruses are of increasing concern for small-to-medium sized businesses. The concern is justified by the fact that one virus, infecting one machine in an office can effectively shut down productivity for the entire office network - indefinitely.

In the past, effective protection involved a cure that was almost as bad as the disease. Resource-hungry software was loaded on each at-risk machine. A scan, initiated at each workstation, to detect existing malware (worms, virus, Trojan horses, etc.), virus definition updates had to be run from each machine, making it virtually unusable until the update was complete, and the cost...

The net result was costly protection from malware that interrupted production and often left machines running more slowly than before. Not really what anyone could call a "solution."

VIPRE protection is different from other Anti-Virus offerings because it was designed and built differently, from the ground up. At the Enterprise level, ONE software Agent is installed on ONE workstation and administered by ONE individual protecting desktop workstations, laptops or even at the server level. Scans are scheduled by hour and day of the week or can be run anytime a concern arises. Reporting Functions are easy to read and understand, and include graphic representations making problem machines easy to identify.

Teeone can remotely install and configure the VIPRE system, or have your local tech perform those tasks. Once the installation and configuration are complete, choose between having VIPRE "do it all", or becoming actively involved in the process. The point is, you HAVE a choice.

Call teeone.net today for pricing and implementation of a true protection solution against the threat of computer viruses.

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